Storing Carrots in the Ground

ImageLook at these carrots!  This is a small part of last year’s crop.  We took them out of the ground Friday and Saturday to clear rows for new planting!  We actually leave our carrots in the ground through the winter as a natural and simple cold storage! The ground does not truly freeze during Cape Cod winters, so our carrots do well in the cool soil with an insulating layer of marsh hay or stray on top of the row.  Some cracking might occur, or we might loose some to our farm dog Diesel who sometimes harvests them and eats them whole–bad dog.  But they don’t soften or turn woody here and they become quite sweet. Next week is Farmer Tessa’s birthday and with this harvest, she can expect a lot of carrot cake!

If you live in a region where the ground does truly freeze, you can still keep your carrots in the ground as simple winter storage.  The possibility of cracking increases with the lower soil temperature, but a heavier layer of insulation will help you out!   Straw, leaves, marsh hay are all good options.  Since the carrots are no longer growing during this time, do not worry about blocking out the sun!  Pile it on and enjoy your crop all winter long!

Here is Farmer Drake with a big ol’ carrot!  Who wants soup?! Image

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1 Response to Storing Carrots in the Ground

  1. Debra says:

    The best part of leaving carrots in ground is that the over wintering actually makes them
    more sugary sweet. So tasty for raw eating, or juicing.

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