Planting Potatoes!

Just about 1/4 of our potatoes. We have another planting area to dig for planting potatoes but if we want to get them all in the ground, we are going to have to find some more space! Trenches dug down about 8 inches, potatoes cut in halves or quarters with “eyes” (beginning of sprout) on each piece, lightly covered in sulfur powder to keep the fungus at bay, placed an elbow-to-wrist length apart. Slowly covering them over time as they sprout up. Eventually these will be tall mounds with layers of potatoes in the ground. Potatoes are really amazing.

You can get an “endless” crop from one potato planted, as long as you keep adding earth on top of the growing plant. We are using a trench/mound method but here are some other interesting choices especially if you are short on space:
Crate method
7 ways to grow potatoes
Old Car Tire-Tower Method

You don’t have to order potatoes from a seed catalogue! You can actually use ones you have lying around the house. But it is always good to know the who and what of the planting you do! Our potatoes are “Gold Rush” and came from Johnny’s Selected Seeds (one of the few companies dedicated to non-GMO seeds).


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