Sunday’s Stew

Sunday's Stew

Here we have Black Jack. His days are numbered. Over the past week he has been increasingly aggressive towards me. The first time he attacked me, he did a summersault up my leg and proceeded to chase me across the barnyard and orchard while I yelled “TESSA!!!! TESSA!!! TESSA!!”. Cory looked on, laughing; Tessa was a bit more understanding, having had to deal with Pure Joy Farm’s last rooster, Greyboy Allstar. Since then, I have had to fight him off with swift kicks, long staking poles, and, once, a plastic outdoor lawn chair. I can no longer comfortably walk into the hen house to feed the chickens or collect their eggs. Two nights ago, he wouldn’t go into the hen house when I was closing up the girls. As my revenge (or my way to avoid conflict), I just left him out in the fenced area around the hen house. I paid for this later by being woken up at midnight and throughout the rest of the early hours of the morning by his constant cock-a-doodle-doo’s (“What the freak! Why am I out here alone! Where are my girls?! Are they okay!? I need to make sure they are okay!!”. At 3:30 am, I begrudgingly got up, entered the pen in the darkness, hoped he wouldn’t come out of the shadows to deliver a tracheal death blow, and opened the door for him. He was so relieved to be reunited with his girls that he left me alone. Sunday he will be slaughtered and immediately put to stew for dinner. He will not be missed. As Becca said to me yesterday, “I told you he is no good! Everyone said that rooster was fine, but he has been after me since last summer!”

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2 Responses to Sunday’s Stew

  1. Yes Black-Jack Tenacious B, will soon follow his predecessor, Greyboy All Star, into the crock pot for zee annual Coq au Vin. He chose his destiny after a few possessive attacks became more frequent and threatening. This behavior I have observed, seems to occur annually around mid to late spring with our roosters. ( the first two roosters died tragically at the hands of non human predators while valiantly protecting their girls, so they never made it into the pot ). One piece if advice when cooking Coq au Vin, leave the lid off the pot so the vino can evaporate. Everyone who dined on Greyboy copped quite a buzz.

  2. Amy D says:

    LMFAO!!!!!! What a story!!! Have you got a pick on a new rooster??? What a beautiful bird Black-Jack is. Let me know how he tastes/tasted…
    Love ya,

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