The Plight of the Hungry Lazy Chicks

The Cornish hens are the yellow ones. Those are the meat birds we received in the mail last week. We put them together with the 2nd round of our own Pure Joy Farm hatchlings. The difference is amazing between the breeds. The Cornish hen chicks are interested in two things: eating and laying down, both at the same time if they can manage it. The Araucana mixes on the other hand are already feisty like their mothers. When I lift the screen containing them all in the box, a few attempt to fly out, some perching on the lip of the box. They too are very interested in eating. When the Araucana babies think the Cornish ones are getting a little too comfortable in their reclined eating positions, the Araucanas swoop and flutter in, chasing the Cornish chicks away from the food. The Cornish chicks being the lazy little piggies that they are, just move over, lay down and peck at the ground for awhile until eventually making it back to the food tray.

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