Wellfleet Farmer’s Market–First of the year!

The musicians playing in this video are called Beat Greens! They sang a lot of really awesome songs. This one is called “No Basta Rezar” by Venezuelan Activist Ali Primera. Translation Here
More about Ali Primera Here and Here

We had a great day at the first Wellfleet Farmer’s Market behind Preservations Hall in Wellfleet center. See us here every Wednesday 8am-1pm.

It was a stressful morning–my wonderful bosses kept me out late last night paddle boarding so I wasn’t as prepared as I would have liked. My plan was to get up at 4am, collect eggs, have a nice relaxing breakfast, and then have more than an hour and a half to harvest, wash eggs, and generally organize myself. I would arrive at Debbie & John’s house at 6am, collapse the tent I had set up earlier so I could use it at the market, and load up Debbie’s car. We would leave by 6:30 and be the first ones at the Market setting up. I would have plenty of time before 8am when the market was to open.
I sleep-shut off my alarm, waking up instead at 5:07 to Baby Rooster crowing his adolescent calls. I had far too much to do and went into a slight panic. At 6:45, I got a well timed text from Debbie. All it said was “Breathe”. I was still at the farm, rushing around and “letting go” of a lot of little things: no time to breakfast or coffee, we don’t need the tent, we don’t need a cute vase of herb sprigs, we don’t need every carrot and every bit of spinach, we don’t need the cool awesome chalk board I am half done making.

Deb and I left the house at 7:25 and it all turned out fine. There were a few things we forgot–chair, something to hang the scale up to, tape. When I realized I didn’t have anything to hang the scale up to (the original idea was to string it up to the frame of the tent which I had purposefully left behind) I became a little anxious–most of our pricing for our produce was based on weighted measure, all of which I was going to do during the first bit of the market. Deb found something great, though, an outdoor hanging plant pole stand which I stuck into the ground. Before she got there with it, I was holding the scale up in one hand, and placing produce on it with the other hand–AWKWARD and not really good for the scale as I kept having to put it down on the ground to bundle up each thing.

It was nice to meet so many new folks and especially to see a majority young farmers!! AND there were some people interested in our CSA!

Tessa came a little later and Debbie soon left to talk to some people about creating a Democracy School on cape. Minutes before closing out the market, I told Tess that I rode in with Debbie and that we would have to pack all our stuff into her car to get it back to the farm. She laughed. Her car was filled pretty high already with other things. But we got all in, filled to the brim and my head wasn’t even impaled by the flower pot pole on the ride back!

We actually sold out of all our stuff!
We didn’t bring that much, but this was what we had:
6 dozen eggs
1 1/4 lb mustard greens
a heaping pile of over wintered carrots
3lb chard
3 1/2 lb spinach

It was low key and a good trial run–next week we will have a whole lot more!

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