At the Wellfleet Farmers Market

At the Wellfleet Farmers Market

Our set up at the the market is coming together! Tessa and I were up at the crack of dawn, harvesting and packing up. Tessa’s mom made us a beautiful eye-catching tablecloth and I made a stand up chalk board using some scrap wood and chalk board paint. This week, we sold out once again:
1 lb Collards
3 lb Chard
6 lb Spinach
5 doz eggs
2 lb radishes
1 bunch Carrots

No one bought our cut herbs, probably thinking they were a flower arrangement of some sort or else just overwhelmed by the amount. Next week, we will try bundling herbs for simple selection.
Also next week, we have got to remember some bug repellent. The mosquitos were biting hard. Even Diesel was annoyed by them.

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